Előző almok kiscicái

Saba Klarisz: went to Germany


Saba Korall: went to Austria

Saba Kajetan: stayed in Hungary

Saba Jazmin, John, Jackson stayed in Hungary:

Saba Ian went to Germany:

Saba Ivan went to Slovenia:

Saba Ikarus stayed in Hungary:

Saba Harris and Harmony stayed in Hungary:

Saba Genesis stayed in Hungary:

Saba Eliza went to Austria:

Saba Ellina stayed in Hungary:

Saba Conor stayed in Hungary:

Saba Cameron stayed in Hungary:

Saba Ciel stayed in Hungary:

Saba Bambi and Saba Blake stayed in Hungary, Saba Benett went to Austria:

Saba Yasser went to Slovenia:

Saba Yelan stayed in Hungary:

Saba Yashira stayed in Hungary:

Saba Whitney went to  Switzerland:

Wolfgang stayed in Hungary:

Saba Walker stayed in Hungary:

Saba Valerian stayed in Hungary:

Saba Vlad stayed in Hungary:

Saba Vinson stayed in Hungary:

Saba Unity went to Slovenia

Saba Uma stayed in Hungary

Saba Troy stayed in Hungary:

Saba Titus stayed in Hungary

Saba Theo stayed in Hungary

Saba Susan stayed in Hungary

Saba Salvador stayed in Hungary

Saba Stephenie stayed in Hungary

Saba Pedro went to Canada:

Saba Pandora stayed in Hungary:

Saba Phoenix stayed in Hungary:

Saba Pascal stayed in Hungary:

Saba Odette stayed in Hungary:

Saba Ofelia stayed in Hungary:

Saba Odin satyed in Hungary:

Saba Natali went to Croasia:

Saba Nadin stayed with us:

Saba Noah stayed in Hungary:

Saba Nathan stayed in Hungary:

Saba Mike went to USA:

Saba Lana stayed with us: 

Saba Lucian stayed in Hungary:

Saba Larina went to USA:

Saba Lucy went to Poland:

Saba Leda went to USA:

Saba Kamil stays with us as our future queen:

Saba Kevin stayed in Hungary:

Saba Kalipszo stayed in Hungary:

Saba Kyloren stayed in Hungary:

Saba Isildur stayed in Hungary:

Saba Edward stayed in Hungary:

Saba Ethan went to the Neatherlands

Saba Emily went to Austria

Saba Christian went to Germany:

Saba Cora went to Poland:

Saba Cadence went to Germany:

Saba Cicero went to Germany:

Saba Barbara stayed in Hungary:

Saba Bamalia went to Germany:

Saba Bruno went to the Netherlands:

Sábacat Xyla went to USA:

Sábacat Xandros stayed in Hungary:

Sábacat Xavia went to USA:

Sábacat Xerxes stayed in Hungary:

Saba Wyatt went to USA:

Saba Wendy went to USA:

Saba Walter stayed in Hungary:

Sábacat Vincenzo went to Portugal:

Sábacat Vanessa went to France:

Sábacat Violette went to USA:

Sábacat Vasile went to Germany:

Sábacat Vito stayed in Hungary:


Saba Ulises went to France:

Saba Ulicia went to Netherlands:

Saba Urban stayed in Hungary:

Saba Ucul went to Italy:

Saba Tudor went to Poland:

Saba Toto stayed in Hungary:

Saba Sandra went to Poland:

Saba Sophia satys in our home as a future queen:

Saba Paco went to Belgium:

Saba Pippa stays with us as our future queen:

Saba Priscilla went to England:

Saba Petra went to Poland:

Sábacat Olga stayed in Hungary:

Sábacat Oliver stayed in Hungary:

Saba Noir went to Belgium:

Saba Martin went to Indonesia:

Saba Michelle stayed in Hungary:

Saba Melissa went to France:

Saba Luke went to Slovenia:


Saba Leo stayed in Hungary:

Saba Kimerly lives with us as a future queen:

Saba Kallie lives in Hungary as a pet:

Sábacat Julia live with as future queen:

Sábacat Jonatan stayed in Hungary as a pet:

Saba Igor went to France:


Sábacat Hedvig stayed in Hungary:

Sábacat Hamlet went to Switzerland:

Sábacat George went to Germany:

Sábacat Giselle, Grace, stayed in Hungary:

Saba Emma and Elza stayed in Hungary

Saba Desdemona and Deésiré are staying with us as our future queens:

Saba Dorisz stayed in Hungary:


Sábacat Charlotte is going to the USA

Sábacat CLaudia, Chili, Chloe,Catherine is staying in Hungary

Sábacat Betty is staying with Us as our future queen:

Sábacat Bella is going to the USA:

Sábacat Boris and Berta find new home in Hungary:

Saba Zafir is going to Italy:


Saba Zúzmara, Zengő, Zorro stayed in Hungary:

Litter Y: Yin and Yang satyed in Hungary

Saba Xantos and Xavér both stayed in Hungary:

Walküre Lilac Point SBIc, Wanderer Seal Point SBIn, Wagner Chocolate Point SBIb, Wanderer is going to Austria, Wagner and Walküre stay in Hungary

Vazul: Blue Lynx Point Tabby SBI a 21, male went to Russa

Vulcan: Blue Point SBI a show and breeding kitten stayed in Hungary

Kittens from litter V: Votan, Vincent, Vanda, Victoria all stayed in Hungary

Sábacat Tina and Saba Ursula is going to Norway:

Kittens from litter T and U:

Saba Patrick Blue Point SBI a, male is going to Sweden.


Saba Olivia, SBI b, Chocolate Point female, and Sabacat Rocco  Blue Point SBI a, as a breeding couple is going to St Petersburg.

dscf2333 dscf2460


Saba Patricia and Peter satyed in Hungary

dscf1482 dscf0668

Saba Leslie and Kamilla Chocolate Point, SBI b, show and breed go to Belgium


Sabacat Mark, Blue Point, SBI a, Show and breed, goes to Germany.DSCF0149

Saba Karl and Kitty Seal Point, SBI n, pet stayed in Hungary


Sábacat Jenny, James, Jack, they are all pet kittens and stayed in Hungary.DSCF0673Sábacat Irene Blue Point, show-breed went to Germany, and her friend Saba Hilda Seal Point, show-breed, went to Mexico.DSCF0227


DSCF3812 DSCF3972


G litter: Sábacat Gloria, SBI n show-breed lives in Denmark, Gabriella SBI n 21 pet, Gerald SBI b 21 pet, they stayed in Hungary.



Sábacat Felice, Blue Point, show- breed went to Switzerland and her brother Sábacat Fluffy, Chocolate Point, lives in London


Sábacat Egon: Seal Lynx Point SBI n 21, pet, Hungary


Sábacat Erasmus Seal Point, pet, Austria


Sábacat Elmo Chocolate Point, pet, Hungary


Sábacat Edison Seal Point, pet, Hungary


Sábacat Diana: Seal Piont SBI n, show-breed,  CACP, Nominalt, Best of Breed, Croatia


Sábacat Cecil, Chocolate Point, pet, Hungary

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Brian és Boldizsár, Lilac Lynx Point SBI c 21 and Chocolate Point SBI b pets, Hungary

Photo 07-02-15 16 46 50

Sábacat Brian: CAP, Nominated, Speciąl Price

IMG_5238 2Kittens